Adding AI support for On the Fly AI Custom messaging

I have an idea for a feature addition: to be able to ask for a custom AI message every time when using the snippets. It could be added to the current dialog pop-up used when adding input to snippets as a short answer box, limited to 1,000 words (to help limit the context window).

Often in my job, I currently use the snippets, but oftentimes I will spend a lot of time changing specific elements of the snippet and then having to re-read for clarity. LLMs do a pretty good job of adding in context, so the idea would be to take the snippet accessed from the keyboard shortcut and add a bottom short answer section that would be user instructions to the LLM, telling it what to do with the snippet.

For this task, I think you could use a relatively cheap model as it would only need to be able to add in and remove details and could even be fine-tuned. I think you could offer this feature relatively cheaply and you could add a new (reasonably priced) Tier to pay for the development cost.

Hi @Alfred_Garrett Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Check out our AI snippets: Text Blaze Dashboard They're available for existing Pro/Business users.

We also did a user story on this recently: How to personalize customer support with Text Blaze (user story)

I gave one such response example here:

Please try it out, and let us know how it goes. We'd be happy to help you develop these AI snippets further for your use case (email

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