Adding New Font to Gmail

I have a unique TT font I want to use in gmail. I can't add the font into gmail's prepopulated fonts, but can work it around with a template pre-formatted with the font copied from Word. That's too hard, so I'm wondering if Text Blaze can do this with a simple snippet that has two blank spaces which are formatted with the font I wish to use. I might title it /nf or whatever. I'd be OK with inserting these blank formatted spaces with my font, then cursoring back into the formatted space and typing away. Not the best, but better that setting up a Gmail template and inserting that every email... Thanks!!!

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Fonts on the web are tricky. Even if you can copy the font into your Gmail with a template, that doesn't mean the people you send the email to will have the font installed. If they don't, they will see your email in a generic font rather than the one you chose.

For now, we're restricting Text Blaze to fonts that have a very high install base so your snippets should display on other people's computers the same way you see them.

I figured it was a longshot. Still, I know of a several programs that send documents with the fonts "embedded" in them, so regardless of whether the recipient has that font available in their system fonts (or in this case Google's limited font selections), the document displays as intended with the fonts which are foreign to the recipient being displayed as intended. WordPerfect has this capacity, as do Word, PowerPoint, and others.