Adding source code button in the editor to maintain formatting

the ability to use Source code


Hi @James_F I am curious to understand this request better. What would you like to do with the source code option in the editor? Can you give an example snippet with source code embed? And where you would use that snippet (gmail/whatsapp/etc.)?

This is the HTML editor in Gmail I use the source code in emails that are on safelists (Bulk) and other programs like my lead gen secret. when I copy and paste a regular email the formatting is all messed up. I am copying the emails I create in-text blaze and copy and paste them into the Gmail html editor then copy the source code. Any safelist that offers HTML-style emails is what I use. otherwise I just use the email set up in text blaze in the standard format! thanks so much this tool is amazing!

Are you using another Chrome extension to get this HTML editor? This feature isn't available in Gmail out of the box.