Additional features desired

I have always used Text Blaze. In Japan, from June of this year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has asked internal medicine clinics to issue prescriptions for guidance to patients with lifestyle-related diseases and have the patients sign them, and I use Text Blaze for this guidance.
We use Text Blaze to create and print out instructional prescriptions like the one attached from snippets and have the patients sign them.
The requests are.
*Please put a print button at the end of the snippet (Ctrl+P would be fine).
I want to use it as a database, and I want to be able to recall previous data using patient ID as a key (can this be done by linking with DataBlaze?).

Thanks for the feedback. Printing should work in the form window already though.

Does printing not work for you currently?

(Could you separate your Data Blaze question into a separate support request)

@scott Reply thank you.

Of course I can print. As for additional requests:

  1. a Print button would be nice.
  2. when printing, the buttons below should be excluded from printing.
  3. when I use the "note" command to annotate, a gray wavy line appears, please remove it, I don't need it.

Thanks for the clarifications, that makes sense. We'll improve the printing by removing some of those elements.

@scott Thank you, I always appreciate your quick response.