Adjust left (shortcuts) panel

Oops! Shout-out to Brad_Hedinger's "Resize Dashboard Panes" earlier entry for the same topic. (I searched for "adjust", "window", and "widen" and didn't find bad.) Anyway...

(Sorry for the caps below, but I couldn't find "underline" :neutral_face: )

I REALLY need to be able to adjust the left "shortcuts" panel. In other apps, I see this functionality implemented as using a mouse to click-and-hold the line between the shortcuts and the editing area, and simply dragging it to where I need it.

Use Case:
I have ADHD, and use multiple screens (three 24" external monitors off of my Chromebook, for 4 total screens) to replace my brain's tiny "working memory", which is where people store things while focusing on tasks.

I also use multiple tabs/windows on each screen. :grin:. Currently, my left monitor contains 3 windows: Blaze, Google Calendar, and the Tick Tick Android app. To manage my focus I HAVE to have all three VISIBLE at all times!

(Nope: it doesn't work to just Alt+Tab between windows. Analogy: anything not visible on my screens, is exactly like you not having "Don't forget to check your calendar" stored somewhere in your (much larger capacity) working memory. If that is not stored there, you will never think to check your calendar unless there is an outside signal/prompt, e.g., your boss calling you and asking you if you are seriously not doing your big presentation to the Board now? :scream:)

Since Blaze currently won't allow me to widen the left panel, and the window is only 1/3 of the monitor, the edit panel overlaps the description of the shortcuts, which stops me from quickly choosing the correct shortcut. I currently have to stop what I am working on, maximize the Blaze window, locate the shortcut I need, reduce the Blaze window, and then get back to what I was originally doing...which I may have to figure out, since all of that distraction kicked what I was doing out of my (tiny, remember?) working memory and I have to start all over again from scratch. (Welcome to the world of ADHD: count your blessings!)

I am not sure what you mean, when I make the window smaller it move to "mobile view" on my chrome. And then I click on the three lines and can see all my shortcuts list. then I click on one and boom, I see the content. But if it is only for seeing the list, this should work for you? Isn't it?

at least as a temporary fix :smiley: