AI Copilots Everywhere; Text Blaze is a Pathway

The fuse for a trillion-dollar AI economy was lit last year with the launch of GPT apps. ChatGPT4 is simply an affirmation that this new economy is both significant and near.

If you missed Microsoft’s Office 365 Copilot event this week, you might want to carve out an hour to read and watch the video. Be sure to watch it end-to-end with relatively focused attention because what you’re about to see is similar to the moment when the first web browser, Marc Andreessen’s 1993 Mosaic (later Netscape) was unveiled.

Copilots Everywhere

But more important, micro pilots as well. The nature of AI and the implementation approaches vary. They can start small and grow in complexity. I’ve already created some interesting experiments in various products from note-taking apps like Mem. The diverse possibilities to enhance work performance are almost infinite. At Stream It we use GPT with Coda to perform summations and entity extraction for CyberLandr support.

Copilots will soon exist everywhere, and if you aren’t using them or building them, you’ll miss the opportunity to participate on the ground floor of an emerging trillion-dollar economy. Worse, you’ll watch from the sidelines as your competitors make more deals, provide more advanced solutions, and outsell you on every level.

Acquire, Enhance, Do Something with It

GPT and LLMs are ideal for collecting information, enhancing it, and then using it. Ideally, the time required to perform these processes are compressed to create hyper-value for workforces. If instrumented well, the benefits impact two key dimensions of work.

  1. Compress the time needed to gather and enhance information
  2. Expand the output

Not only does AI help us do more in less time; it helps us create vastly more information about our work. This is precisely what Text Blaze is capable of; is poised to become a paired-assistant copilot across a variety of use cases. Read more...