Aliases/Nicknames for dropdown lists

Hello everyone!

For ease of use of the dropdown list, I would like to know if there is a way to simplify dropdown lists such that my long text options are condensed into an easily distinguishable nickname/alias.


  • I have a dropdown list with 2 outputs: LONGTEXTDONOTREAD and LONGTEXTPLEASEDOREAD
  • Both options are hard to distinguish from one another and I would like to just shorten their name in the dropdown list to just READ and NOREAD, however once the snippet is run, it still outputs the longer text versions.

If someone has a solution, please share, thank you!

BR, Mark

Hi @Mark_Veiermann
Try this:

{list=["READ":"LONGTEXTDONOTREAD","NOREAD":"LONGTEXTPLEASEDOREAD"]}{formmenu: values={=keys(list)}; name=select; formatter=(x)->list}

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