Allow documents to be added to snippets

I need to add documents that aren't able to be provided by link or picture.

hey amber, welcome to the community!

what kind of documents would you be interested in adding? also, where would you be inserting your snippets that would receive the attached document (which apps)?

Hi Andrew,

The main documents would be the Australian payroll docs (TFN, Super, PAYG Details, Fair work statement). We would only really use it via outlook (web and app version).

Thank you,

Thanks for the details! Right now, Text Blaze cannot interact with your computer's operating systems or local files in order to directly attach documents to emails in Outlook, but it web or app version.

One thing that could help streamline this might be our autopilot features, which can at least speed things along for you. I created this sample snippet that works on web-based Outlook, at least on my Mac, which fills out a subject line, body, and then opens the system file attachment dialog box for me:

{note}Subject: {endnote}important email for you{key: alt-tab}{note}Body: {endnote}Hi {cursor},

I hope this email finds you well. Attached are the payroll docs for this week.

{repeat: 4}{key: alt-tab}{endrepeat}{click}{repeat: 3}{key: uparrow}{endrepeat}{click}

Here's a gif of it in action:

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