Allow pressing of Home or End keys

I would love for a Text Blaze snippet triggered at the end of a paragraph to both append and prepend something to a paragraph of text.

I want to type something, then use my snippet trigger (ex: //snippet) have the snippet append something to the end of what I typed and then emulate pressing Home key to then prepend something else to front the line. or pressing Control + Up to prepend something above a paragraph

Is this doable?

Could you provide a bit more information about the use case for this?

This might be possible to implement, but it looks like cross browser support for the necessary capabilities right now is pretty poor and the required features aren't very stable (

Sure, my use case is as follows:

I have a large text field with text already in it and I add a note as a new paragraph below the existing text. I would like the option to either, move my cursor to the top of my new paragraph and type /NOTE which would execute the following steps:

  1. Type the phrase: "NOTE:" in bold text.
  2. Action to press Shift + End (which highlights everything between the cursor's current position and the end of the text field)
  3. Action to pres Ctrl + B (which the text field interprets as a command to make highlighted text bold)

And thus, the entire note is formatted in bold.

Alternatively, I could type /NOTE at the end of a newly typed paragraph and the action Ctrl + Shift + UpArrow would highlight the entire paragraph so that Ctrl + B could make the paragraph bold.

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