Alphabetize snippets?

Any way to organize or alphabetize the snippets?

@Trent_Tate Hey Trent! I had been searching for a way to do this as well and ended up landing on a different approach that is working quite well for my teams. We looked at all the snippets and folders we have. From there, we looked at the snippet names and came up with a standard naming convention. Then we adopted the same approach for the folder names. The result is a ton of snippets that are very well organized, and everyone can easily find that what need. I realized that the majority of our users are triggering the snippets by finding them in the right-click context menu, rather than using the trigger shortcuts. As we expand our bank of snippets, I am finding that I need to change the trigger shortcuts to prevent overlapping shortcut names. That's fine though because the actual snippets themselves will remain in alphabetical order by name. Whenever I create a new snippet, I just slide it into its proper home. Here's screenshot if a few of our snippets and how they are organized. Hope this helps!

Brad thank you very much. I will give it a try

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