Android Version of Text Blaze

Hi there,

Yes i would pay for the android version,
Its been now about a year,

When is the beta release ? :slight_smile:

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Hi Gilles.

Welcome to our community, it's very nice to see you here! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we have no estimated time of arrival for the Android version yet, but it's on our priority list.

Have a great day.

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There is a similar app that works on Android:

I use it and recommend it.

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Love this tool so fast and a subscribe to but breaks my heart to see that there is no Android app yet 4 years after this year was open.

I wonder what sort of workarounds others are using to deal with this?

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Some Android browsers accommodate extensions. Kiwi Browser does which means you can run snippets through that browser. It isn't as easy as it should be, but it'll get the job done if you need to access and utilize something via a web browser.


The competition in text expander applications for Android is minimal, and the demand is increasing. Since you just released a Windows application and considering that most Windows users are Android users; you could easily win a big market share.
Instead of spreading yourself too thin - maybe it would be a good idea to focus on this platform release? (It's also the highest-voted feature request)

Is this considered the most important item on your roadmap/priority list?

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I joined the android beta when it first opened. The app itself works flawlessly. The only issue is that it keeps shutting down in the background. That's it. That's all that needs to be fixed. But this challenge is NOT unique to TB. There's many other apps I use that run persistently in the background without a problem. I can't believe TB Android came so far just to 'die' on THIS hill. Out of all hills to die on, it should never be one that many others have already solved.

I last wrote Aditya in March asking how to install on my tablet, and he informed me the Android project is on hold.

It really is a shame Android has been sidelined like this. My primary use of TB has always been for customer support responses. BECAUSE of not being able to reliably use TB on my phone I have to maintain copies of all my customer support responses in 3 different places. This is a huge PITA and very time consuming.

I really wish TB would at least update here to share WHEN they intend to pick back up the development. If it's sidelined indefinitely then it's time to start trying out the competitors.

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Hi folks! Sorry for the delayed response on this thread. Our previous Android app was a beta test, and it was distributed to only a handful of beta testers. We wanted to make sure we can fully support the Android platform, before broadly distributing the app.

We still need to fix a few critical issues before the app is more useful. We will pick up pace on the Android app (and also other mobile apps) soon. I don't have an ETA for the exact date.

I will post a response on this thread when we start exploring the Android app again.


I have not been able to use snippets in Kiwi. Is it confirmed to work??

It definitely used to work. I must not have bothered to reinstall it after a factory reset on my phone. Now when I try to install the extension it says not compatible. Maybe the team can help with that or provide a way to sideload it.

I did a brief check and found that it's an issue with the Kiwi browser. It also has a pending fix that wasn't merged yet

Fix Chrome Web Store incompatible banner by RealAlphabet · Pull Request #875 · kiwibrowser/ · GitHub

Please feel free to reach out to the Kiwi browser team requesting updates on this.

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Adding my +1 for an Android version. I'm a paying user and would happily pay extra for it. Currently using Google Gboard, which has limited text expansion abiltiites and paid Texpand, which is pretty good but has its own limitations and simple having to duplicate expansions is of course a real pain. C'mon team - you'll make a killing!


it's really amazing!

I look forward to the Textblaze version for android.

Using /commands to be able to write is great and more when it is from the mobile.
It would help me and my team a lot to have this option.

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any updates on the android version? :slight_smile:

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I would love an Android and Windows version. The web version on its own is better then most stand alone options.

Hi @romeov007,

We already have the Text Blaze desktop version for Windows. Check it out here.