Android Version of Text Blaze

Create a version of Text Blaze that runs on Android.

This would likely be implemented using a system keyboard.

Any updates about the possibility of Android or iOS keyboard versions. I definitely need this. I think it is worth paying for a Text Blaze Pro subscription!


I am also looking forward to this. Please, please... I trusted this service to much that I wanted it also on my phone.

Android and iOS are still on the roadmap but no ETA's yet unfortunately.


Yeah, this would be amazing, I use this a ton for my Zendesk replies but often when I am on the subway and am working on the go and I know I have a textblaze response I won't respond to a ticket until I get to the office because I know that clip is much more effective than anything I could type out on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Android version is a "must-have". Can be a Pro-feature. I would pay then.

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Hello everyone, I just upgraded to the paid account yesterday (3.31.20) and wanted to encourage others to do the same in hopes that an Android app gets moved up the priority list.

Thanks for an amazing product!

Michael Potter

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Agreed, I paid for a premium version just because I wanted to support the author even for the part that is just the Google Chrome plug-in. The solution works great. With the exception of the way the text shortcuts work because they are always conflicting. So I just use the context menu.

But the main problem is that when you have an app like this that works well on one platform, you obviously need it on all your other platforms. That's the necessity of an Android app.

Would be very happy if that happens. I've looked for others and haven't found a good enough one yet to switch to. I'd even pay additional money to the author if he made an android app.

I would change to a paid plan if there is an Android version!! It makes no sense for my workflows just to use Text Blaze only on my Windows PC, not on my Smartphone, not on my Tablet PC. I am changing the devices all over the day. It disrupts my productivity very much!! Why must this be? :frowning:

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A small version of this functionality is part of the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard for Android. I have used it for years, even before they were acquired by MSFT. It is in the clipboard feature - you pin text and give it a shortcut... when the shortcut is typed, the expansion is predicted & entered. I'm new here, I'm recreating my Swiftkey shortcuts here to see if I can get Android functionality on desktop Chrome!

So funny - I'm coming the opposite way!


Good idea Indra. How did it go setting it up on SwiftKey?

Any news of an Android version in the nearest future?



Sorry, status is still the same. We still plan to add it, but not ETA's.

Thanks Indra, this is an acceptable solution in light of the delay in develpment. Hats off to SwiftKey for making such a cool plugin for Android keyboards.

Happy New Year!


No android version breaks my workflow so often a day because I switch between my smartphone, Tablet and Chromebook. This is not productive!!

Is there any other Textexpander tool working on Chrome and Android?

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I would like Android too.

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