Android Version of Text Blaze

Create a version of Text Blaze that runs on Android.

This would likely be implemented using a system keyboard.

Any updates about the possibility of Android or iOS keyboard versions. I definitely need this. I think it is worth paying for a Text Blaze Pro subscription!

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I am also looking forward to this. Please, please... I trusted this service to much that I wanted it also on my phone.

Android and iOS are still on the roadmap but no ETA's yet unfortunately.

Yeah, this would be amazing, I use this a ton for my Zendesk replies but often when I am on the subway and am working on the go and I know I have a textblaze response I won't respond to a ticket until I get to the office because I know that clip is much more effective than anything I could type out on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Android version is a "must-have". Can be a Pro-feature. I would pay then.

Hello everyone, I just upgraded to the paid account yesterday (3.31.20) and wanted to encourage others to do the same in hopes that an Android app gets moved up the priority list.

Thanks for an amazing product!

Michael Potter

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