Announcing: Text Blaze for Windows (Public Beta)

Hi @aditya I downloaded the version, but when I / in slack desktop, it does not work. Same with outlook. Any suggestions?

Hi @Emily_Reynolds , welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Were you able to successfully login to the Text Blaze Desktop app? If yes, please email me at and we can take a look at this issue. Otherwise, see if the snippet insertion works for you after login.

Hi @Gaurang_Tandon I do have it logged in. I have emailed you! Thanks!

Thank you so much! For anyone who wants to know, you will not see a red bubble like some users see on the Chrome app in the Desktop apps. Thanks so much @Gaurang_Tandon so helpful!

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I cannot wait for a macOS version as well ! :star_struck:

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the Windows Popup insert is not working in terminal window.
I think the Curser position is lost.

And maybe it is possible to see the Folder structure inb the popup?


Hi @Bob_derHund , are you running the terminal in an administrator mode? If yes, please also run Text Blaze in admin mode. If not, feel free to email me at and we can look into this.

It's not possible to view snippets by folder in the popup. You can raise a new request for that in our #ideas category :slightly_smiling_face:

Good afternoon,
I have, somehow, zoomed out on the dashboard using the keyboard. I was trying to copy/paste something into one of my shortcuts. When I looked back at my screen the dashboard was tiny! I have tried every keyboard shortcut to zoom back in, to no avail. I have signed out and still have the tiny dashboard. When I sign in on another device, the dashboard is normal size. Help! I'm not sure what to do!

Hi @Timothy_Willoughby , sorry about this issue! Can you try Ctrl+Shift+plus key to zoom into the app?

Hi guys - could you also add Vivaldi to your Chrome browser blacklist? LOVE the product otherwise - glad to finally be able to uninstall espanso lol text blaze is 10x better.

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Hi @Rahul_Khanna, thanks. We will add Vivaldi to our list.

Hi Rahul, we have added Vivaldi to the list of our Chrome browsers. Can you restart the app and check if it is working for you?

Yup all fixed, thanks!