Any other Psychs here?

I am curious if other testing/clinical psychs have any tips or or templates that have been useful? I have played with Data Blaze a little but can not seem to figure out how I can get it to work for my scoring and report writing. I'd love to see what others are doing! :smile:

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psych NP . I use it a mostly for education documentation since my EMR already pre-sets a lot of the text. I continue to use it more and more. Today I created a STOP BANG assessment tool today, even though I don't use it that often - just noticed a lot of patients are predisposed to OSA.

I am not Psych. However, if you can tell us what you are trying to achieve, probably I can help you achieve using datablaze and textblaze.


Hey there, i was more looking to see if anybody had any super neat ideas i hadnt thought of that were relevant to the field. I take alot of the medical stuff and tailor it to my work though! :slight_smile: thanks!

I'm ed psych/ disabilities and would appreciate some help and directions with setting up templates etc if possible!

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Sure. I will be happy to help.Please share more details in which you need help.

I have a WISC template I am working on. I think they are appropriate to share publicly as there is no testing material. I will show you what I have so far.