Any way to set shortcuts as case sensitive?

If I type in CC I know I can use the text expander for a short cut I create
But if I use cc I don't want anything to populate

Is this possible? Any way to set phrases to be case sensitive?

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You could do something like the following in a snippet whose shortcut is "CC":

{if: {snippet: trigger} == "CC"}my snippet{else}{snippet:trigger}{endif}

It will insert "my snippet" when you use "CC" otherwise it will just echo back what you typed when you use "cc" or "Cc" or "cC".

In general though, this isn't a great way to do things in Text Blaze. It's best to make your shortcuts unique like ",CC" or "/CC".

I appreciate the fact that Text Blaze is NOT case sensitive (that can be a major pain!)

Far simpler to just change the shortcut as Scott advises.

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