Anyone offering their Text Blaze services professionally?

Hi all,

It's slowly dawned on me just how powerful Text Blaze is and how much potential there is for it to automate so many areas of our business, particularly in relation to customer service emails.

However, as a business owner and juggling too many jobs as it is, I'm also realising that I don't have the time to implement some of the fairly complex tasks that I want Text Blaze to achieve. Case in point where I am using drop-down menus to diagnose customer complaints and generate relevant email responses.

I was wondering if anyone is offering professional consultancy services on this forum to assist business owners like myself with the implementation of fairly complex Text Blaze requirements?


Hi Janus,

All of us on the Text Blaze team are happy to assist you with anything and everything you want to do with Text Blaze.

Send us an email at if you'd like to schedule a call.

We also have a gallery with pre-built snippets that you can copy and use. One specific category I think you will find useful is the Standard Operating Procedures section, which includes snippets for responding to customer issues.

We appreciate your support of Text Blaze :slight_smile: