Apply gender to whole snippet based on one toggle?

Hi! I use TextBlaze to create report parts for students and it's amazing. However, one thing that takes quite a bit of time is creating/choosing drop downs for all pronouns which apply throughout the document. So I have to choose for all of the following (including options capitalized or not): he/she/they, He/She/They, her/him/they, Her/Him/They, etc. I'm wondering if there's a way to create a set of drop downs that are affected by one toggle or something. So I'd choose male/female/other at the start, and that would be able to change all of the pronouns in the document. If you have any insight or ideas to share, I'd really appreciate it!



You can try something like this:

{note}Pronouns: {formmenu: default=he; she; they; name=Pronouns}{endnote}

Taylor is a great student. I've found that {=pronouns} is great at participating in class discussions and that {=pronouns} is a natural leader.

One thing that {=pronouns} {if: pronouns="they"}need{else}needs{endif} to work on their quality of discussing and research before class.

With this, you can choose the pronouns at the top and it will change them all throughout the report card using formulas. If you need help, check out our Forms Guide for more information.

Also, please let me know if you have any additional questions :slight_smile:

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To add on, you can also make the first letter capitalized.

In the example that Dylan shared, the value name is {=pronouns}, which shows the pronoun all in lower-case: he, she, they.
With this example, to capitalize the first letter of the value, you can modify it to {=capitalized_pronouns}, which shows the pronoun with capitalized first letter: He, She, They

So you can have it insert as all lower-case or capitalized first letter however you like in the snippet.

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Thank you so much for your replies! I think the capitalization note will help with efficiency. Your snippet is similar to what I'm doing now, so I'm curious if there's any way to make one choice at the top that would affect additional, different drop downs. I'm not explaining very well, so here's an example of all the different types of pronouns (in addition to "he") I'd need changed.

Taylor is a great student. I've found that he is great at participating in class discussions and that he is a natural leader. Other students look up to him. His work is good.