April Development Update

:speech_balloon: Annual User Survey

Please fill out our annual user survey – this feedback will be used to improve Text Blaze! All questions are optional.

:white_check_mark: Take the Survey

As an added bonus, this year we'll be giving $100 gift cards to three random respondents. So you can both have your voice heard and also get a chance to win.

:framed_picture: Image Pasting Support

Text Blaze has always supported including images in your snippets. Previously you had to upload these images into your snippets.

We've improved our image support this month to make this even easier so you can now just copy and paste images into your snippets.

GIF - NEW Copy & Paste Image

Quick Tip of the Month

Learn how to create a shared internal link library for your team:

As always...

If you have any questions, feel free to post to our Question and Answer community forums. And if you have anything you would love to see in Text Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Ideas section.