Arabic numerals support


usually i use text blaze in arabic language due to the policy of the firm, and facing a problem with the number written in eastern arabic, while i need the date written in western arabic number.

is there a way i can use the numeral of my choice away from the language that chose from the settings?


Hi @saad ,
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Are you referring to the date field?

{formdate: DD/MM/YYYY}

thank you , yes the date and time.

We use a browser date field to display this. So it depends on browser/system settings and we have little to no control on this field.

the problem is not the date itself , only the numeral that being used

this how its written: ٢٠٢٣/١١/٠٩

this is how i want it : 2023/11/09

I think you want something like this:

{time: YYYY/MM/DD; locale=en-us}

The key is to set the locale setting on the {time} command.

unfortunately did not work for me, the key element of the problem is the arabic setting when its chosen the drawing of the numbers fixed to this ٢٠٢٣/١١/٠٩

Sorry to hear that, can you share a screenshot of the snippet and also a screenshot of what you see when it is inserted?

If it's sensitive, please email it to

thanks a lot mister Scott, you already solved it, but i forgot the part of changing the shortcut, and sorry for the inconvenient.

thank you for this wonderful tool.

Great, glad it is working with locale!