Arbitrary mouse clicks

Is there a command to cause a mouse click at an arbitrary location, preferably a location specified relative to the current location of the insertion point or the mouse cursor?

I'd like to set up a shortcut that will type a few characters, causing a select element to display the item I want to select and click on that item to move it into my selections and repeat the process automatically for about 20 other items. The trouble is that the site does not permit using {key:tab} and/or {key:enter} to select the item. The only way to select the item is to click on the displayed item, which is just below the element in which I am typing. The "{click}" command causes a click in the element in which I am typing, which does me no good. {key:tab} causes the list item to hide.

I said above it was a select element, but it's not a true html select element. It's a pop-up unordered list formatted with Bootstrap. If I could do something like {click; y=-20px}, I'd be oh so happy.

Hi @Daniel_Paight

{click} can only "click" at the location of the cursor. However, you could use the command {wait: delay=3s} to give you a 3 second delay, which should give you enough time to click the element manually.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: