Auto Grab Reports from Website just cannot get it working

HI Guys
I have spent all day reading docs and trying to get TB to automate me grabbing reports from eBay, which i do about 5 times a day.
In theory it should be simple but i cannot get anything to work.

When i open page i want it to do the following

  1. Ctrl +R refresh page
  2. Select the Download Report Button which it Tab repeat 46 / but i tried autopilot select the button which gives me {click: [data-ebayui]}
  3. Then a series of key presses to eventually download the report.

That is all required the rest after down load is automated for me with another app.

This is me doing it with keyboard

I see. Two questions for you:

  1. Can you please copy and paste your snippet here?
  2. Can you tell what is the error you receive when running this snippet? At which step does it fail? Maybe you can record a video showing where the snippet fails.

{key: ctrl-r}{click: [data-ebayui]}{key: enter}{key: tab}{key: enter}{key: tab}{key: rightarrow}{key: tab}{key: enter}{key: tab}{key: enter}{key: tab}{repeat: 2}{endrepeat}{key: enter}

No error no video required it does nothing not even the 1st part ctrl-r
To be honest i have no idea why nothing work it looks like a simple process for autopilot to do.

ctrl-r is not supported in the extension. Can you try to run the parts after ctrl-r? If the click command with selector fails, then it should show you a notification saying that it failed. Do you see that notification?

I have already tried without ctrl-r but still nothing happens no error nothing happen on page zero feedback.

Out of interest how can you not support ctrl-r i thought the idea of autopilot was to reproduce key presses.
i not your missing many compared to your competitors no page down no F keys etc are these been added later?

I have triple checked that click picks the button correctly but i cannot get it to work in the snippet

Can you please right-click on that button, select Inspect option (usually last in the menu), and take a screenshot of the element tree around that button? I am not sure why the {click} command is not working but the Inspector can give us a clue.

TB click button info

eBay Site

Thanks, this looks like it should work fine. Maybe you need to add a delay after clicking the button, to make sure the website has time to open the popup?

Still nothing its not moving its focus its dead on this page.
I have added 1 second i will try higher time periods but you can see it is not getting any focus on that button

I tried right up to 5 seconds its not moving any focus !!!!!

Thanks. Please open the DevTools Console of the webpage (Ctrl+Shift+I on PC), then paste debugblaze=true; into it, then hit Enter, and then run the snippet.

It should hopefully print any useful information as to why the command fails.

where do i type debugblaze=true ????

In the Console tab. It is the second tab from the top-left in this dark-themed panel.

tried it does nothing

I will DM you the steps as the conversation is getting long.


You got the fix sorted ?

It might be live in the beta extension version by next week. Do you mind emailing me so I can setup your access?

HI i do not want to drop my personal email-in the messages how can i get my email to you privately