Auto sign out on browser close

Is there a setting I'm missing that would automatically sign the extension out on browser close, or an option to do this when using the extension in incognito mode?

I would like to use this on some PC's shared with others and would prefer not to have to remember every time to manually sign out the extension. Changing browser settings not ideal since would be bouncing across a dozen PC's so hard to be consistent on this. Thanks

There isn't an option for this within Text Blaze. You should be able to get the effect you want by having your browser clear cookies on close, but it sounds like that's not something you may not want to set.

I'm going to move this to the Feature Idea's forum category to keep track of.

Thanks Scott. Paid for Pro account just now will try it out as is, though would be really nice if you would consider adding this for some degree of security. Even if it's not a matter of another user intentionally changing/deleting my Snippets, there is risk of someone curiously looking at the tool and messing it up in the process, so an auto logging out option would be helpful.

The open source password manager Bitwarden has something like this where you can set an inactivity delay to lock the extension after X minutes/hours/etc. Maybe this would show you a quick way to implement a similar option.

Thanks again.

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