Autofill web forms

I create a snippet to fill a web form containing several fields.
I define shortcut for data in any filed (for example 1 for my name, 2 for family name, etc.) and switch between fields by tab and type shortcut.

  1. how can I fill all fields by just one click?
  2. for some fields in this webform like birth place I should choose from a dropdown list. how can I define shorcut for these fields?

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Check out our autopilot feature that does just this:

Here is quick overview video that might be helpful:

Hi Scott
tnx a lot for your help.

I have watched that movie, but its not my problem.
I have 21 different shortcut keys. I don't want to type shortcut keys one by one. I want to fill all fields just by one click

I'm sorry

you are right. that works great
thank you so much

what about my 2nd question. How can I fill dropdown field by text blaze?

Hi Scott
I'm in hurry

Click command doesn't work
Pls help me

Hi Alber,
Have you tried the enter command or the down arrow command ({key:downarrow})?

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