Automatically filling-in web forms

Greetings users!

Ironically, I need to routinely fill-in 12 items on a web form about pain which in a certain number of instances are always the same answers for all items. LOL I want to automate "pain" for less pain.

Here is the in english answers mixed to the best of my ability with TextBlaze script.
comments are indicated by "//"

                                               // WEB FORM PAIN SECTION
                                               // script will 

/pain // this will execute the script
< tab > // this will goto the first item which is a dropdown list of options
{key:downarrow} // this dropdown first selection means the person has pain
< tab > // this automatically is a goto the next item
{formtext: name=primarysite; default=generalized} // this will fill-in that the pain is generalized
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{key:downarrow} // this dropdown first selection means the the pain affects activity
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat} // this dropdown 3rd selection means intensity is discomforting
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat} // this dropdown 3rd selection means discomforting is best...
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{repeat: 2}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat} // this dropdown 2nd selection means discomforting is worst...
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{key:downarrow} // this dropdown 1st selection means the type of pain is aching
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat} // this checkbox 3rd selection means non-verbal is stiff
{key:click} // this will click the checkbox
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{repeat: 8}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat} // this checkbox 8th selection means pain relief is rest
{key:click} // this will click the checkbox
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{repeat: 7}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat} //this drowpdown 7th selection means pain stabilization
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{key: downarrow} // this 1st check box will mean there are no abhorrent behaviours
{key:click} // this will select the checkbox
< tab > // this will goto the next item
{repeat: 4}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat} // this 4th dropdown selection means pain is daily

// the script ends

Does the above have the optimal syntax and correct scripting in TextBlaze language as stated below?


< tab >{key:downarrow}< tab >{formtext: name=primarysite; default=generalized}< tab >{key:downarrow}< tab >{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}< tab >{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}< tab >{repeat: 2}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}< tab >{key:downarrow}< tab >{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{key:click}< tab >{repeat: 8}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{key:click}{repeat: 7}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}< tab >{key: downarrow}{key:click}< tab >{repeat: 4}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}

instead of executing like desired, I get a textblaze pop-up. I click insert and this is what happens (minus all of the < tab > all appearing within a textbox of the form:
generalized[Error - Unknown key "click"][Error - Unknown key "click"][Error - Unknown key "click"]


please note: all "< TAB >" commands that I entered above between each item have been ghosted for some reason so I added spaces to keep them visible.

Attempt at copy-and-pasting this web-form here results in this:

Pain Profile
Has patient had any pain this week?

Primary Site:

Interferes with Activity:

Current Pain Intensity:

  • Discomforting

Past Week Pain Intensity Best/Least:

  • Discomforting

Past Week Pain Intensity Worst/Most:

  • Discomforting


Nonverbal Pain Cues:
Sitting position

Pain is Relieved/Mitigated By:

Current Pain Management Effectiveness:
Stabilization in mood

Potential Aberrant Behavior Noted:

Current Frequency of Pain Interfering with Patient's Activity or Movement
Daily, but not constantly

//the above was manually completed and not the result of the script

Hi @B_Strong,

I'm not quite following your question. Could you shoot a video and post it here so we can understand better what's happining and what you're trying to achieve? Or we could get on a quick call and sort it out on video.

Let me know :slight_smile:

yes to either... I'm embarrassed to admit that I do not know how to video capture doing the form.
Also... I'm not sure how to capture just the section of the form which indicates pain without revealing confidential information about a person as if this form were, for example, medical and subject to HIPPA.


Instead of "{key: click}" you want to use "{click}". Your full snippet is a bit hard to follow so can't tell right off the bat if there is something else going on, but that change should fix the immediate errors you are seeing.

To your other question about checkboxes and radio buttons, the "{click}" command will generally work for toggling them after you use {key: tab} to focus the relevant one.

Here is what I tried in TextBlaze:

//{key:downarrow}{click}{formtext: name=primarysite; default=generalized}{key:downarrow}{click}{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{click}{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{click}{repeat: 2}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{click}{key:downarrow}{click}{repeat: 3}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{click}{repeat: 8}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{click}{repeat: 7}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{click}{key: downarrow}{click}{repeat: 4}{key: downarrow}{endrepeat}{click}

Here is the output in the form (not working):
//< tab >< tab >generalized< tab >< tab >< tab >< tab >< tab >< tab >< tab >< tab >< tab >

any guidance to a chrome-based language that works similar to AHK on webforms would be deeply appreciated. Thanks! Tom

NB: "< tab >" occurs on script but get ghosted in copy-paste. For the above output, the extra spaces within the < > do not actually exist.

If you are trying to select something from a dropdown, you can also try {key: enter} instead of {click}. It may work better for some forms of dropdowns.

Many thanks, @Scott , I'm going to continue trying. TextBlaze has many strengths and even more possibilities.