Autopilot - activate tab in Chrome?

Is it possible to shift to another chrome tab using autopilot or other commands?

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Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

This isn't something currently possible, but multi-tab flows are definitely something we are interested in supporting.

The fundamental block we run into is how to identify a tab to switch to. You can't use something like the URL as multiple tabs may have the same URL.

We're open to any ideas :slight_smile:

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**Thank you for thinking of this. Would it be possible activate a tab in another Chrome window if there is only 1 tab in it? by this, I mean but if it's possible to activate a window and therefore activate the tab. Also I'm wondering if it is possible to identify the ordinal position of the tab e.g activate the second tab.

If the window only contains a single tab, the question still remains about how to identify the window.

Identifying based on ordinal tab position is an interesting idea. We could theoretically implement support for something like "activate the tab two to the right of the current tab". But I think that would probably create confusing/brittle workflows though that would be very error prone to user mistake.

Thank you for considering this. Other tools use some sort of app.activate function. I remember this being available in VB. And I believe it's in use by other macro tools. When I find a bit of time, i'll see if I can find references. Regards to all.

Scott I have an idea although it might not work. There are keyboard shortcuts to advance to the next tab. Is it possible to have an autopilot command that is customizable by the user to use ONLY keyboard shortcuts. Thereby allowing the user to to customize their own snippet? For example I have a form that to get around in I use the Tab key. I have a line in my snippet that has 5 Tab key commands in a row. Works flawlessly. So if I could create an autopilot command that had Crtl+Tab that would allow me to move to the next tab. After that I could have a snippet with Crtl+Shift+Tab to go back to my "home" tab. Just an idea.

That's a really interesting idea. It extends the {key} command in a natural way.

I guess I am still concerned about snippet ergonomics though. I feel depending on moving right/left in the tab order will likely create snippets that are very brittle and break in unfortunate ways.

I am wondering if the way to do it might be to select a tab based on domain, and if multiple tabs match the domain when inserting provide the user a selector to choose one from.