Awesome stories from users, up first: Tyler Moberg

Hello Text Blaze community!

This community is made possible by awesome Text Blaze users (like yourself) :grinning:.

We have been working on showcasing the stories of our users to show how they use Text Blaze and how it helps them achieve different goals.

One user story that we recently published is about @Tyler_Moberg, an Instructional Coach who uses Text Blaze to provide efficient, high-quality feedback to his students.

One way he does this is by using snippets that allow him to quickly insert meaningful comments into student assignments. Here's an example:

This is a comma error. Look at {formmenu: name=Comma Error; default=The series rule; Compound Sentences; Introductory Element; Dialogue; Interrupting Expression; Dates and Addresses} in this slideshow to learn more. Commas for learning - Google Slides

This is just one example of how Tyler uses Text Blaze to make a difference. Thanks for sharing your story with us Tyler!

If you're interested in sharing your Text Blaze story with us, feel free to send me an email at!