Awesome user stories: Yu'Vonne James

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We have been working on showcasing the stories of our users, and this one is about user @Yu_Vonne_James!

If you're interested in learning about how education administrators use Text Blaze to interact with 1700 students, Yu'Vonne's case study is one you should check out. :eyes:

Yu'Vonne is an assistant principal at a high school in North Carolina. She uses Text Blaze to respond quickly to emails, provide efficient feedback to students, collaborate with fellow staff, and personalize messages using forms.

One way that Yu'Vonne uses Text Blaze is to send quick update emails to her staff. For example, she uses the snippet below to inform teachers that a particular student is beginning homebound services and what the teachers need to do.

Good {formmenu: default=morning; afternoon},

Homebound Teacher: {formtext: name=Homebound Teacher}

{formtext: name=Student First and Last Name} will begin receiving Homebound Services on {formtext: name=Start date}. In order to accommodate this student while {formtext: name=he/she} is out of school for an extended period, the Homebound Teacher will need you to put assignments in Canvas for the student to complete. It would be helpful if you could add the Homebound Teacher, {formtext: name=Homebound Teacher}, to your class as an observer so they can see the assignments.

You should not mark the student absent while {formtext: name=he/she} is receiving Homebound Services.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need help adding the Homebound Teacher to your Canvas Course.

We appreciate you, Yu'Vonne, for sharing this cool use of Text Blaze! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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