Better Reporting View for Orgs

Summary of most used snippets across a team and/or organization with preview of snippet from the usage dashboard without having to go into the "Demo" folder.

Currently if you click to preview a snippet from the Usage dashboard, there's not a button to easily return back to that usage dashboard view.. need to start over which is a time waste.


Hi @Alex_Paz-Barreiras,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for the important insight. I'm escalating this to @scott to see where it can fit on our roadmap.

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Thanks @Cedric_Debono_Blaze! We want to implement and build out this tool for our team in the most valuable way possible, and want to iterate based on usage data.

I also notice that you can't see Top Snippets across an entire team - only per individual. So that would be nice too.

Happy to chat about this if you're ever looking for Beta users or customer interviews!

Hi @Alex_Paz-Barreiras,

Let's jump on a call. Send me an email on and put "ATTN: Cedric" in the subject line.