Bookmarking Posts Within Topics

I want the ability to bookmark or save posts, replies, etc. made under a Topic within the Text Blaze Community so that when I need to revisit something, or save it for reference later, I can quickly and easily find it without having to scroll through the conversation

Use case: While I love being able to bookmark Topics, as our community grows, so does it seem the length of the conversation grow longer. I am finding this makes it more challenging to zero-in on a piece of the conversation that I need to reference later. Somehow being able to bookmark a specific post or reply within a topic would sure be helpful.

Hi Brad! We've enabled this now. Try clicking on the ellipsis menu :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome! Thank you! Was it already there and I just missed it or did you literally just make the feature available?

We just enabled it after your request. We are not sure why it was off earlier.

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