Broken Links in Snippets

Hello Community!

I use links to websites and youtube videos in my snippets. However, after some time it can happen that a link is broken because the website or video no longer exists in the meantime.

Is there a way to automatically check if all the links I used in a snippet are still valid, so that I get a warning message when I insert the snippet?

Hi @Kamuro, No there is no inbuilt way to find that the link is valid or not. May be you can move this to feature ideas section

Hi @Kamuro Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I think it is difficult to solve this problem in a robust manner. For example, take any online document (think google docs/office docs/github tickets/jira tickets/slack conversations/the list is really endless) that is only accessible to your internal organization. Any such link will be incorrectly marked as a 404 by Text Blaze because it is not publicly accessible.

What do you think should be the behaviour in this case? I cannot think of a good behaviour.

For now, one way to implement this check yourself is to use Text Blaze | {urlload} command. You can load the URL and check if its status code is a 404 or it contains any mention of 404 in its response. This is tedious to do in each snippet. So, you can build a "master" snippet that just loads and checks all the important URLs at once. You can run this "master" snippet once every week or so yourself.

Thanks for your answer. The check should only take place when the respective snippet is used again. The problem that a URL is only accessible internally should not arise, because I insert the snippet myself. From my computer an internal link would be accessible. But I already suspected that this would not work. Of course, it would be a practical function.