Browser automation

Do you have any suggestions on browser automation ? I want to be able to login to websites automatically and also fill out certain fields ?

Hi @Rajat_Bhatt,

Text Blaze can emulate a number of keystrokes such as tab, enter etc. You can find these in the Automation menu at the bottom.

Here's a video about how that works:

Of course, if you have further questions, I'm happy to help :slight_smile:

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I absolutely love using Autopilot for navigation in websites! Mostly with Salesforce Lightning. Iā€™m part of a team of 38 and everyone uses a combination of about 20 snippets to perform a number of functions such as creating cases, modifying existing cases, creating tasks/activities, etc. Integrating Text Blaze, especially Autopilot, into our workflow has dramatically increased our productivity, streamlined processed, contributed to unification of messaging and enabled us to provide better service to customers and colleagues alike. I have drank the Kool-Aid! :rofl:

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Awesome :grin:

I remember when I discovered Text Blaze way back in 2018 I upgraded to Pro within 30mins of trying it out. And since then, there's been so many new features added.

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