Calendly Questions and Answers autocomplete

Hello! I have a veterinary clinic and would like to integrate veterinary appointments scheduled through Calendly into my clinic system.
I'm a receptionist and I make many registrations a day and I would like to export the collection data from Calendly to automatically fill in with TextBlaze.
Any possible way to do this?

Calendly Information Examples:

VetSmart - Clinic System:

Sorry for my English, greetings from Brazil.

Hey @Ricardo_Eccel - welcome to the forum.
Yes, Text Blaze is great for this.

  1. To select what information to copy from Calendly: In the command menu, search for the Website command, click Website content text. Then click on the Select from website button. See detailed instructions here.

  2. To fill out the above data in the VetSmart system, you would need to move between the different text fields. You can either use {key: tab} to move between fields or use the {click} command with a similar Select from website setting as in the website text.

I hope this is clear. We're in the process of writing a dedicated guide on this topic. Let us know if you have any more questions.