Calibri font support in snippets

Any plans to add Calibri?

It seems to be a very popular default for many people using MS365

Hey @andrew1 we do not have any immediate plans to add support for it. I have moved your request to the Feature Ideas category so other users can also vote on it. We can consider this request again in the future.

Hi @andrew1 sorry about my short response earlier, let me clarify it a little:

I want to confirm if you are looking for font-matching instead. For example, if your Outlook Desktop email client is configured to use Calibri as the default font, then you want the inserted snippet also to use the Calibri font. Is that correct?

If so, I want to mention that this feature is already available in our browser extension. On the desktop app, this feature is not yet available, but we're actively working on it.

Please let me know if that is what you were looking for. Thanks!

Yes, that is exactly what I'm looking for. My users typically use Outlook Desktop and Word, many (but not all - it seems to be random!) snippets expand into Time New Roman instead of the Outlook Default Calibri.

This is preventing adoption in a test group of around a dozen users, prior to roll-out across the group (c.100 users). As you may expect, I'm evaluating between TB and TE - both win on certain areas, TB seems to have the edge for more complex stuff we may want to do, but this font thing is making TE look the safer bet. Any roadmap on font-matching for desktop?

Or some help with trouble-shooting what causes the mis-match, as I say, it seems to be random!

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Thanks for the details Andrew. We expect to roll out a new version in the next weeks with support for font matching. Please email me if you'd like to test it in advance (hopefully by this week)