Can a Pro User share 20+ snippets with a Free user?

Hi everyone!

I'm using Text Blaze on my personal and business laptop, through two separate accounts (personal and business). I'm unfortunately not allowed to log into the business laptop through my personal email [personal ID blocked everywhere on the internet], so I am unable to use the snippets on my personal-email TextBlaze.

I'm planning to upgrade business TxtBlz to Pro user, and keep the personal TxtBlz account at Free.

However, my question now is: If I share a folder that contains, say 30 snippets with the personal account (free), will I be able to access all those 30 snippets from the personal account - since personal accounts can only have 20 snippets at maximum?

Kindly help a new user out. Cheers on the incredible extension!

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The snippet limit applies regardless of whether the snippets are shared with you from another account or not.

Free accounts have a 20 snippet limit. If you have a Pro account, the limit is 1000 snippets.

Thank you for the prompt response, Scott!

I'll now have to figure out a way to integrate both of my accounts to be able to seamlessly access snippets from either on the fly :sweat_smile:

Do the free 20 snippets include the 5 or 6 "DEMO" snippets pre loaded in SAMPLES? Or can it ignore those when counting?

Hi Bruce,

You can delete the demo snippets if you find you don't use them. Otherwise, they will count toward the 20 snippet limit.

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