Can {clipbaord} insert text unformatted?

The clipboard function used to insert text unformatted, even when the copied text was rich text. Now it changed its behavior and inserts the formatted text. Can it be forced to insert text unformatted?

Hi Marco, can you tell from which website you are copying text, where you are pasting it and what is the formatting being applied?

I did a quick test in the Gmail compose box and it pastes unformatted plain text (I copied bold text) as you expect.

Thank you Gaurang. I just found your reply.

I am copying it from PDFs and Slack into Gmail.

The clipboard text is slightly larger than the plain text from the Text Blaze template.

I also noticed that 'trim' is not working although I set it.

Hi can you share an example of a snippet where the trim command is not working as expected?

Regarding the clipboard issue, does your snippet have any styling/links/lists/etc. apart from the clipboard?

1 Like - with regards to inserting the clipboard contents stripped of all formatting, please try the following:


Anything placed inside a "formula" should come out unformatted, unless you then format the whole formula.

Let me know if that works.


Gaurang_Tandon, Cedric_Debono_Blaze, Thank you for your help!

Strangely, the issue does not appear anymore since a few days ago. I am not doing anything differently so perhaps something has been fixed.

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