Can I make a folder not searchable

For example, I have some responses that are temporarily archived. I don't want to delete the folder, but when I use the search bar I would like these responses not to be viewed.


Apologies if this shouldn't be in the features folder

Hi Andrew, welcome to the forum! You're in the right place :slight_smile:

We are working on a feature that would prioritize search for snippets in enabled folders over snippets in disabled folders. So you would still see search results for disabled folders but they would be marked as "disabled" and be ranked in a separate lower section. I hope this would be useful for your usecase.

For now, you can disable the folder, and then search for snippets using the assistant. The disabled snippets do not show up when searching in the assistant.

I'll post in this thread when the feature is out.



Thanks for the feedback :+1:

Hi @Andrew_Moore , the feature is now implemented in :partying_face: Your disabled/archived snippets will now be shown separately below enabled snippets. I hope that's useful!


I do this as well, @Andrew_Moore. As @Gaurang_Tandon suggests, disabling the folder removes its contents from showing in the Assistant. It also removes it from the right-click menu visibility. So, if you share snippets and folders with others, the disabled contents will also not appear in their Assistant or right-click menu.

Keep Blazin'! :fire:

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