Can I retrieve/recover an accidental deletion?

I accidentally deleted a folder with over 10 snippets. Wondering how to recover if possible. Otherwise, I have to accept the lost time and start from scratch.

I am sorry to hear this Marc.

You can create backups of your snippets that you can then restore from in the case of accidental deletion here:

If you deleted a snippet without a backup, there is no way to restore it.


I also unintentionally deleted a snippets folder so I have taken your advice and exported my folders as back-up. Is there a preferred format for storing the export? I arbitrarily selected .json. Were I to need to rebuild my snippets library, would this format easily import back into TextBlaze?



Hi Evelyn,

Yes, the JSON export is the correct format to export your snippets. You can test out the import process to make sure everything works correctly. Text Blaze will create a new folder for the imported snippets.