Can you activate a snippet from a dropdown?

I was wondering if you can activate a snippet from a dropdown.
E.g. I have 3 different paragraphs to reply depending on response.
I know i could have 3 separate snippets but i was looking at the option shown in the advance YT video.
But have not seen it being covered in any other video on how to do it.

Hi @Thorrrr, you should be able to use {if} and {import}.
For example:

{formmenu: Choice A; default=Choice B; Choice C; name=option}
{if: option=="Choice A"}{import: /snippet1}{elseif: option=="Choice B"}{import: /snippet2}{else}{import: /snippet3}{endif}

HI Dan
Is this how you did it when doing the advanced video?

Hi @Thorrrr,

I'm not sure which video you're referring to, but it's likely the method that @Dan_Barak1 shared in the post above. It's how I use it personally.