Cannot install on old ChromeOS version

I have several chromebooks along with a couple of windows machines. I use textblaze on all of them, within the chrome browser. On my windows machine, textblaze even works in the Edge browser. Great. But I just ordered and received a new Samsung Chromebook and it is not allowing me to install textblaze.. It says "not compatible". Yikes.

This might be a serious issue going forward for me. I am heavily reliant on textblaze right now

Sorry for the alarming message. When I got this new chromebook I thought it would install the latest OS in the process of getting started. Apparently it was awaiting a restart in the background to apply the latest OS. Once I restarted, textblaze synced and came into the picture again. Whew! I don't feel like throwing up anymore.

Thanks for the update!

Glad the issue is solved :slight_smile:

About this, I'd love to hear more about what you do with Text Blaze. What kind of commands do you find most useful? What kind of scenarios to you use Text Blaze in? Maybe I could give you some suggestions on how to get even more out of it.