Can't paste image

I have a snippet that inputs my electronic signature as a PNG. It works in my email, but when I try to use the snippet in a Microsoft OneDrive document I get and error message that 'We can't paste the image from the Clipboard' Why is this? Thanks!

Hi @bsmith,

If it works in your email, I suspect the issue is with OneDrive. If you try to manually copy/paste an image into a OneDrive document, does it work?

No, when I copy and paste the image into OneDrive it doesn't work. The snippet works fine in Google Drive, so clearly the issue is something with OneDrive, or Text Blaze's integration with OneDrive. Is this something that can be looked into more?

@bsmith - if OneDrive doesn't allow copy/pasting images, then it's not going to allow Text Blaze to do it. I'll escalate the request but I doubt there's anything we can do to "force" it.

@bsmith - by the way, could you please send me the url of the site you're using.

Here you go. Thanks!

Thanks @bsmith - will run some testing.