Case Sensitive Shortcuts

Be apply define snippet shortcuts that are case sensitive (e.g. /go is different from /GO and /Go).

Just adding my thoughts from another post and up-voting.

Although the "/" has it's use, I would like to suggest logic control (see the last item in this post) which gives the user full control of whatever they want to do.

I know Microsoft Word adjusts automatically for the start of a sentence.

Or you could go with WTH => "WHAT THE HECK", Wth => "What the heck" and wth => "what the heck"

I would also be interested in full user control using something like an IF statement check on the text input characters:
IF {input = lower case} "what the heck"
ELSEIF [input = upper case} "What the heck"
ELSEIF {input = sentence case} WhAt ThE HeCk

IF {input = "wth"} "what the heck"
ELSEIF [input = "WTH"} "What the heck"
ELSEIF {input = "WtH"} "WhAt ThE HeCk"
ELSEIF {input ="Wth"} "WHAT THE HECK"

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This would be really, really useful. I'd like to see a simple option which modifies the shortcut based on the case. For me, even just having the following behaviour would be fine:

Mtfte => Many thanks for the email
mtfte => many thanks for the email

In addtion to that; even if this isn't possible, it would be good if I could at least both define those separately (even though it would be a pain). At the moment, if you do this, they are classed as "conflicting shortcuts".

This feature was added in a recent release. An example is here: