Case Sensitive Shortcuts

Be apply define snippet shortcuts that are case sensitive (e.g. /go is different from /GO and /Go).

Just adding my thoughts from another post and up-voting.

Although the "/" has it's use, I would like to suggest logic control (see the last item in this post) which gives the user full control of whatever they want to do.

I know Microsoft Word adjusts automatically for the start of a sentence.

Or you could go with WTH => "WHAT THE HECK", Wth => "What the heck" and wth => "what the heck"

I would also be interested in full user control using something like an IF statement check on the text input characters:
IF {input = lower case} "what the heck"
ELSEIF [input = upper case} "What the heck"
ELSEIF {input = sentence case} WhAt ThE HeCk

IF {input = "wth"} "what the heck"
ELSEIF [input = "WTH"} "What the heck"
ELSEIF {input = "WtH"} "WhAt ThE HeCk"
ELSEIF {input ="Wth"} "WHAT THE HECK"


This would be really, really useful. I'd like to see a simple option which modifies the shortcut based on the case. For me, even just having the following behaviour would be fine:

Mtfte => Many thanks for the email
mtfte => many thanks for the email

In addtion to that; even if this isn't possible, it would be good if I could at least both define those separately (even though it would be a pain). At the moment, if you do this, they are classed as "conflicting shortcuts".


This feature was added in a recent release. An example is here:

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This is fairly complex for wanting to insert the same word, one capitalized, one not. That's all I'm trying to do. "/Unf" typing "Unfortunately" vs "/unf" typing "unfortunately"

Amazing work on this btw. Thanks!

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Hi, and welcome to the forum Elise! :slight_smile:

Agreed! We're working on higher level components that will implement common use cases like this to make them easier to use.

Another example of something like this we want to simplify is randomly selecting a piece of text. E.g. starting a message with "Howdy", "Hi", or "Hey there" and randomly choosing one each time you use the snippet.

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That would be awesome!

Quick update to this old but popular feature request. Both the items above were implemented via a new feature called command packs.

  1. Matching case of the text to the snippet shortcut case: use the capitalize command pack, and
  2. Choosing one random text from a list of texts: use the randomize command pack