Change window focus

I'm using a snippet to open a pop-up window and want that snippet to keep working in the new window. However, once the new window opens, the snippet appears to run in the original window - not the new one.

Is there away to get a snippet to continue working once it generates a pop-up window?


Can you send a screenshot/video of this issue?


Hey Dylan, thanks for the fast reply:

The first screenshot shows the snippet

The second screenshot shows the starting cursor position and then final, target, position to be moved with autopilot

The third screenshot shows the target position

This video shows the sequence. The snippet works well up to the {wait} command, after which the rest of the snippet is executed in the original window (you can see it move subtly as the Shift-Tabs are used)


I don't believe this is possible right now. Please submit a request in the Feature Ideas section and we'll consider adding support for it.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


ah okay, thanks very much. Love TextBlaze - its efficiencies in the real world are truly incredible.