Checkbox possible?

I want to create checkboxes so that I can select more than one by clicking on them, can I do that?
Let me know if there is a way.

Hey @Naritatsu_Saito -- Andrew from the Text Blaze team here.

On the Pro plan, you can use the Toggle field as checkboxes for yourself that you select when using the snippet. You can have as many of these Toggle fields as you'd like. Each Toggle field can be used to do something in your snippet, like inserting text when it's selected.

You can see more information about Toggle fields here: Text Blaze | {formtoggle}

Alternatively, you can use a dropdown menu and enable the "multiple" to turn it into a multiselect list. Details about that are available here: Text Blaze | {formmenu}

Andrew, thanks. This seems to be the way to go.