Checklist options

I am a time management coach and I use TextBlaze every day and recommend it to all my clients! It saves me 6-8 hours every week.

I notice we have numbered lists and bullet points in our snippets and was wondering if there might be a way to embed a checklist that people could check off. Bonus if it would also insert into a Notion to do list.

Hi @CaptainTime,

Just to understand your question better, do you want to have a checklist in the final inserted snippet or the snippet form?

I was looking for a way to add check boxes. The current snippets allow for bullet points, and numbered lists, but not check boxes. So I guess both places, but especially in the final snippet going to the client.

You can use the {formtoggle} command for that. It can also be used without an {endformtoggle} to make a standalone check box.

There is more info here:

Thanks Scott. I will play with that function to see how it turns out.