Child Snippets / Sub Snippets

I’m loving text blaze, but I’m a new coder doing some pretty complex prompts and it would be easier to keep track if there could be additional Snippets branched off from a Parent snippet instead of just having one, or having to scroll all the way down to the bottom of one prongs. You might not even remember their other steps.

Let me know if this makes sense

Hi @Robert_Acheson ,
Can you please elaborate your requirement little more. How does these child snippets be different from regular snippets.

I think you could just use the import-snippet function.

{note}{formmenu: Snippet 1; default=Snippet 2; Snippet 3; name=Dropdown}{endnote}
{if: Dropdown="Snippet 1"}{import: /childsnippet1}{elseif: Dropdown="Snippet 2"}{import: /childsnippet2}{elseif: Dropdown="Snippet 3"}{import: /childsnippet3}{else}{endif}

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