Clicking previous text box sends me to Text Blaze page

I've had this issue where if I click on a text box to edit an error, or if I click in a previous text box it sends me to a Text Blaze page about how to use formtext boxes.

Is there a way around this? It seems weird that I can't edit a textbox without starting over or just hitting enter and trying to fill the rest of the blanks in.

Hi @Aaron_Hall , can you share a screenshot or the link to the page where you this issue happens? It's not clear what "edit a textbox" is referring to right now.

I actually just fixed the issue, but I'm not really sure how it came about. Some of the formtext boxes had blue text in them which for some reason was acting like a link when they were clicked on. I recreated them and the text is now gray/black, and the issue is no longer persisting. Not really sure how that happened.

Got it, thanks for letting me know!