Clipboard data rearrange

Hello, discover the tool a week ago and I'm finding it incredible. But I have a very specific demand. I have a data table in CSV format, separated by ";"
I have several columns, and very often I have to re-drain the data line by line.


content 1; content 3; content 3;

I have to reorder as follows;

content 1
content 2
content 3

Is there any way to do this tabulation, basing the separation on ";" ?

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You can use a formula with the replace function to do that like so:

{=replace({clipboard}, "; ", "\n")}

You can learn more about formula's here:

Maybe I found a bug ...
I was reading and rereading and its logic seemed correct. So I started to think that the problem could be elsewhere. The company I work for recently adopted the new Edge as their default browser, and that's where I've been using the extension. And for some reason, its formula works only on Chrome, not on the edge. It even appears in the preview, but is triggered when it is typed.

Although we only officially support Chrome for now, we do want Text Blaze to work well in Chrome variants like Edge or Brave.

I did a quick check and it looks like this works fine for me in Edge. Can you provide more information on the error you are seeing?

What ends up happening is that in the preview it works, and when I go where I need to use the command it doesn't seem to run. All others work normally.

It looks like you are using it on Gmail. I've checked and confirmed that TB in Gmail does work in IE Edge.

Might you have another extension that is interfering on Gmail? You could try disabling any other extensions and see if that works.

I use Simplify Gmail. I tested it by disabling and even removing the extension, and nothing. Maybe it's something related to Edge itself.