Clipboard question

Hey all.

I want to use the clipboard command. But when I have more than one thing on my clipboard I have no idea how to use different items within the clipboard. Example:

I copy a phone number and the first name from one tab. Go to a new tab where my texting software is and I paste the phone number. I think have to go into my clipboard to find the name, select it and go from there.

I have made this quicker by creating shortcuts on my mouse itself to make it faster but if I could create a snippet with that clipboard command in there it would make me faster.

This is such a deep and extensive piece of software, I just wish I totally understood it so I could take full advantage of it.

Thanks in advance

If you have multiple things on your clipboard, you can use regular expressions to access the different pieces.

This section of the docs has an example that might be helpful:


Thanks as always. Your response is always great. I must be a dummy because I simply can't figure this out. What I have is this;

I will copy the first name out of a form. There is no "Name" qualifier on the cell that I am copying. It is just a name.

Then I copy the phone number of that person.

So I have a clipboard with a phone number in my "first slot" on my clipboard and the name in the "second slot" of my clipboard.

By using the {clipboard} command it will pull the first slot (which is the phone number) of the clipboard just fine. How do I write the {=extractregex({clipboard}, command to pull JUST the second slot (the name of the client)?

I hope that is not too complicated.

Right now my command line looks like this:

{clipboard} {key:enter}{key:tab}{key:tab}{wait: delay=2s}

That places the phone number in my text software, Tabs down the page to the texting entry window, waits 2 seconds for the page to load and place the cursor in the window.

This is where I want to add the {=extractregex({clipboard} command to pull the name off my clipboard so I can then add my pre-typed text, tab over twice to the send button and hit enter. Fully automates my entire texting process.

Thanks again and sorry this is so long.

Brad Deason

Hi Brad,

It sounds like you are using a clipboard manager that supports multiple "slots". Is that right? If so, what is the software?

Yes I am . I am on Windows 10 and it is just the Windows Clipboard. It will allow around 10 slots.

Interesting! I didn't know Windows had that type of functionality built-in.

Regardless, I don't think it's possible to directly access different Clipboard slots from a website or Chrome extension. So I don't think there is too much we can do on this.