{clipboard} with and without hyperlink

Hi Community,

I'm hoping someone can help me with something. When inserting the {clipboard} command how do you make sure that, if you have a hyperlinked word connected to the word in your clipboard that it copies over as a hyperlink? I've done it by fluke where it does copy the hyperlink and conversely where it does not copy the hyperlink with the word.

The funny thing is on the one where I want the hyperlink it doesn't and on the one where I do not want the hyperlink it does.

Thanks for any help!

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

When Text Blaze inserts a snippet it takes one of two paths: plain text mode, or styled text mode. The path it takes depends on the type of text field you are inserting into and the contents of the snippet. This choice then affects how the clipboard is included in the snippet.

Fortunately, there are two tricks you can use to force the clipboard into the form you want:

Force the clipboard to be plain text

This can be done by using the clipboard in a formula. Formulas can only manipulate plain text so it will use the contents of the clipboard as plain text. For example:


Force the clipboard to include styling

This can be done by making sure your snippet is a styled snippet and not a plain text snippet. This is easy to do by applying any styling in the snippet. So bold, italics, a specific font or color, etc... anything should do the trick.