Closing a tab within Chrome

Is it possible to add something to the end of code within a TB form that, after completing, shuts the current Chrome tab?

More specifically, when doing reoccurring tasks such as: Opening a URL from Google Doc's, entering info into the web page via TB form that includes submitting entered data to web site, rather than having multiple tabs open that manually need to be closed, is it possible to include the tab closure in the form code?


This isn't possible currently.

We've been pondering ways to extend the {site} command to allow you to load data from across tabs. If we were to do that, adding the ability to create and close tabs could make sense to be part of that.

However, we're a bit stuck on the fact that there doesn't seem to be any good way for users to uniquely identify a tab they want to reference. E.g. the tab URL isn't unique so that can't be used. We could use tab indexes (reference your first tab on the current window or the third tab on the current window) but that is quite brittle and not very ergonomic.